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Space Out Academy

Jacob Alsed
Mari Kubota Alsed

Alseda music is a small collective of artists and music constellations situated in the south of Sweden. We write, perform, record and finalize all our music in a truly independent way.

Our music is available at all major digital music distributors (Spotify, iTunes, Amazon etc.) where you could listen to samples of the music (or the full versions on Spotify).

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Here’s our artists & current constellations:


Jesperate is the music by Jesper Alsed with vocals by Jacob Alsed and occasional help from Mari Kubota Alsed.

It’s a blend of 60’s pop, 70’s rock, 80’ synth, 90’s electronica and 00’ soundtracks.

Mari Kubota Alsed, a japanese pianist and composer who now lives in Sweden, creates instrumental music spanning classical  and new age styles. The music is sometimes based around the piano but often also around orchestral instruments and other traditional instruments.

Jacob Alsed has his fingers in a lot of music pies. This is his acoustic solo project with music based around his vocals and guitar playing.

Space Out Academy is electronic music by Jesper Alsed. It’s mainly instrumental music with a strong beat spiced with occasional vocals.

Mariram is music by Mari Kubota Alsed. This unique ”feminim” electronica sound is both soft, energetic and very fresh.

Resmessa is a rock band with music written by Jacob Alsed. Resmessa strive for an honest sound which they can replicate on stage as well as in the studio.