Jesper Alsed

I just love to compose electronic music!
It’s pure joy to express yourself this way. In fact, once I start on a song I have no idea where the creative process will take it in styles and genres until it’s ready. It’s a total freedom of outcome.

So my albums differ in style but I guess there is some kind of red thread shining through.

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New album out now!

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Recent releases

Album : 2021


A dive into more serious cinematic and dramatic instrumental music which I’ve always created but not always released.

ALBUM : 2023


Just having a lot of fun with this happy 70s inspired nu-disco album.

ALBUMS : 2008-2012


My electronic pop/rock project a few years back featuring my wife and my talented brother on vocals.

ALBUMS : 2010 – 2018

Space Out Academy

Deep Space is the latest album by Space Out Academy, my more EDM type of music project.


I occasionally create music for artists and for video games.
Feel free to contact me at this adress: